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Boiling crab

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Has anyone here been to the restaurant Boiling Crab? I want to host a boiling crab night. 

Boiling crab is basically a sit down with a bag of shrimp in the middle of the table. They have a special sause they use at well.

You pretty much get a bunch of friends together and peel open shrimp for dinner!

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I don't know where you're from, but I've been to a similar local place called Bucket of Crawfish that specializes in the seafood boil.


We ordered crab and shrimp with some corn, sausage and potato kickers.


At this particular location, you have a choice of different boils. We selected lemon pepper for the shrimp and a garlic butter boil for the crab.


Very enjoyable.


I've done similar things at home as well. You can mix up your own seasoning mix or use some pre-made mixtures such as Zatarians. Let us know  what other details you might need to do this yourself.

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Thanks! That is pretty much the same place. 

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