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Chili oil problem

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This is my first post, so hopefully I don't break any forum etiquette.  But I need some help.


I recently made some chili oil from dried Thai chilies from my garden.  I added 1/3 of a cup of crushed chilies to 1 cup of oil that had been heated up to 225 F and removed from stove.  The oil was then allowed to cool down to room temp, strained, and enjoyed.  (from a recipe)


My first batch was great.  Beautiful red color and perfectly spice level. The only problem was my food pro turned some of the crushed chilies into powder, so straining was difficult and I had a few floaters in the oil.  Not a big deal, but for batch number two I got the bright idea of just doing a rough chop instead of trying to get a small grind.  Well, it didn't turn out so hot.  The color was barely changed and there was no detectable heat in the oil.  I was very frustrated and I wanted to fix it, and apparently did so without thinking.  My mind was focused on the potential error of how large the chilies were, and I just grabbed my stick blender and decided to make them smaller.  Two quick pulses and I started to see a foggy orange oil. 


I was mad at myself for getting all of the air into the oil, and I was hoping that the air would leave the mixture after it had some time to set.  Well, that was 24hrs ago and I have yet to see any change. 


So, I have a few questions.  I'd like to understand why doing a rough chop vs a finer grind would have such an effect on spice level transfer?  Also, why the heck did my oil turn opaque just from a quick stir of the stick blender?  And, can my oil be saved? Can it be used?


Thanks so much!

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Not a big fan of HOT stuff, but appreciate a little kick from time to time.  As for your oil being a fail... seriously doubt it... might not be the prettiest, but can't see why that would be a problem.  As for getting out the bits... maybe try letting it drip thru a coffee filter?


I haven't been coming here for a terribly long time, but have found posters to be fun and helpful.

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Air doesn't do much aside from oxidize things in this context; that would make it darker. So I think air is not your problem. Try heating it again or letting it sit for a few weeks or do both. None of these things will do any damage (this is all oil based and will not rot until your forget about it). If you are having problems with to fine of a grind. Soak them then grind them then cook them (in that order). Dryer ingredients tend to grind finer that wetter ones and tend to have less consistent particle size. If your oil is sufficiently hot (the temp you are using) or you cook it long enough the water will leave. 

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