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Fondant Magnet?

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My dad celebrated his 80th birthday on Saturday (9/22).


We had a cake professionally baked and on top was him lying on a green of grass with a golf club and golf ball (haha).  "He" is currently in the freezer (made of fondant).


Us kids thought it would be AMAZING if he could be preserved somehow and turned into a fridge magnet for Christmas.  I've searched Google and haven't had any luck.


The fondant is somewhat pliable - and it'd need to stiffen in order to do this.  Our thoughts were baking the fondant or spraying with some sort of preservative. 


Does anybody have a helpful hint?



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I'm not sure if it can be preserved like that, especially since the fondant is still pliable, meaning there's still moisture. Furthermore, bringing it out of the freezer could accelerate the melting of the figure, since it would start to get condensation all over it if it doesn't already have it in the freezer. I think maybe a more practical approach is asking the bakery where you got it to make you an identical one out of gum paste so it can dry out and thus be glues to a magnet. When items are made for cakes, they can be made with fondant, but a gum paste or pastillage item would last longer. Cake fondant is made to be pliable, you need to cut the cake after you drape it.

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And sorry for the double post. There are spray products they preserve sugar work, but again, I'm not sure how that will work if the figure is sticky in any way, and if it is pliable, its doubtful it would hold up. Also, don't put it in the oven, it won't dry out, it will melt.

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You never know until you try.

Remove from freezer and place in an area of low humidity, in front of an immaculately (no dust) clean fan and out of direct sunlight.

Just be aware that the color will fade over time (days, weeks) but then again, one of those shellac sprays may protect the color.

Your other option would be to just open the freezer (whenever the mood strikes you) and take a peek  ;-)

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I never refrigerate fondant decorations.  The moisture in the freezer or fridge will make it soft and wet.  Let it air dry.  it will be dry as rock.  I have not done what you wish to do,  but maybe when it is very dry and hard,   coat it w/ Elmers glue since elmers glue dry clear.  Then let it dry totally again,  then put the magnet on the back.. JMHO

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Way down here in Texas we sometimes have to freeze our cakes (outside venues) and by the time it is delivered, set up and served will be perfectly defrosted (but still cool).

No problems.

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