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FOH Service Philosophy?

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 I had to write a paragraph describing my "FOH Service Philosophy" when I applied for a server position at a local catering company. I wonder if my "good customer service" schtick was the answer that they wanted? I'd like to hear what you would say. So tell me,what's YOUR "FOH Service Philosophy?"

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I've long thought that written psychological,attitudinal and philosophical job entrance tests were

nothing more than silly screening devices, incapable of measuring how someone will actually ACT on the

job. What they write has very little to do with what they do.


But if I HAD to indulge such a lark to even get spoken to, I suppose I'd mention things like

constant attentiveness, courtesy, benefit of the doubt, and that it's better to prevent problems than

to try to solve one etc, eye contact, and a positive attitude, and making my charges' needs my first priority.


Hmm, come to think of it that didn't sound too bad once I wrote it


So ...what'd YOU write?





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