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Need A Good Food Processor

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What's a good one to get? for baking dough, puree etc? I searched threads here from four years ago, anything new that's good? thanks  

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Not new but I have to say my Cuisinart is over 25 years old and still going strong. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

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It's been a while since I've seen them reviewed but the last ones I remember reading was that there wasn't much difference between Kitchenaid and Cuisinart in performance or longevity for home appliances. You're more likely to be the cause of failure than their quality.


My first was a Kitchenaid, 9 cups.  My big mixing bowl broke (dropped it) and by that point, it wasn't being offered as a replacement part. So that was the end of that. Picked up a Cuisinart from Costco and have been pretty happy with it. That bowl started cracking from running it through the dishwasher. I can replace it for $35 and will. Probably buy two and keep a spare for when the next one dies. But I haven't done it yet.


I've liked having an 11 cup mixing bowl compared to the 9 cup. But I could use a bigger one still for my cheesecake and some bread work.


Costco is selling a 12 cup Cuisinart with adjustable slicing disk, a large and small workbowl, bread blade, grating disk for $149. I'd look at that one pretty closely if I were in the market again.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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If you were to ask me what my favorite small appliance would be, I'd say a food processor, without hesitation. I use a full size and a mini, more than any other kitchen tool, besides my beloved knives.

That said, the Cuisinart is undoubtedly my favorite. It's worth every penny. Cuisinart blades have outperformed all the others I have tried. I give them a good work out every week, and they just keep going. For a mini processor, I prefer the Kitchen Aid.
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