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       My dad running catering the catering business since 1983 and  now  he wants me to take over it and run that.. my qualification professional cookery froim new zealand and as well i have holding my hotel mangement degree as well.. But my dad running typical southindian catering in old style  and as i had experince from new zeland  so everything is different in here from ther so i just really like to know  is there any suggestion anyone could help me bcoz in here competation is really big and more competattive. please kindly anyone could help me please....

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wheres here?
u got ur experience from newzealand

wheres ur dads south indian catering?

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Hi fermi fang,



                        Yes i have experince from new zeaaland but at present i am in chennai its part of south india bro,,  my dad had this catering business last more than 30 years but its  not improvred and how it soppose to be so i really want to improve and catering get my  catering in the proper place in business.. thanks buddy for listening this

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I do and i had  seen other caterers how they do  and not a very big differnce other than buffet bcoz usually my dad clients prefer to be dine in. ihave  some potos how  they dine and what sought service we offers.... i will post in my profile bro ok... thank you for your help buddy

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then i guess first
whos your main target customer?
you want like
less people - higher price


more people - lower price

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I like to do something creative and  i wann people to say wow >> what should  i do far my dad never  advertise or promote business to public and since he has is own clients and  he  is doing catering last threee deacdes for their  family so we do regular client who prefarbly wants us  but in my case i really want to  outside of  his  box.. so i am think what will be apporpirate way to promote the busuness....

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ahhh i see
so u guys never really did work for the public haha
well still either way

whats ur pricing in respect to the others in the market

if its the same

do you want it to be higher or lower or same?

cuz different price has different customers.. different price is ABLE to perform different amounts of "wow"

one wow... is making somethig look more htan its value
another wow is making alot of money look like its been put into great use....

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