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Fiori Di Scilia

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I bought Fiori Di Scilia from King Arthur Flour.  I made a couple of cakes with this extract.  This extract tasted terrible!   On their website theirs a lot of good reviews for this stuff.  Is their anyone else that also don't like the taste? 

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Had to google this.

The flavor profile reads very much like one of the flavor emulsions offered by LorAnn Oils

Not being a huge fan of extracts (have you tried adding less?) have tried many of the oils and emulsions and have never been disappointed.



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on of the reasons the oils and extracts taste bad is cuz all you have is the smell

its a essence mixed with alcohol

i remember different degree / percent of alcohol has different names


xxx oil

xxx extract

xxx essence

or something

like 20percent

30 50 etc

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Did you taste it after it was mixed in the batter then baked into the cake ?  because if you taste it directly from the bottle,  then,  OF COURSE it will taste terrible..  There was no mention as to when you tasted it.  Before  baking or after. 

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She made a couple of cakes.

So I assume it was baked off.


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After the cakes were baked they tasted terrible.  I have been using a lot less amount of extract and I still don't like the taste of the baked goods.  King Arthur did refund my money back.

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