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Getting Faster

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How do you speed up and work quickly? 

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u are going to make dish a b c

start planning what are needed to be prepared

like for example

potatoes are used in both dish a and c

then when u prepare potatoes for a

prepare some for c together




or u can plan the order u make


maybe c is faster to make than a

so u make the slow one first

and if ur good..

make after ur done preparing for a



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Star slow and pay attention to detail.

Not so great to have blazing speed if your mise looks shoddy or your station is messy.

The speed will come.



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Repetition, repetition, repetition!!! Speed will come with time, and after doing stuff over and over and over and over. Also, learning to couple prep items together, and thinking about doing 2 or 3 (simple) things at once without putting you under too much pressure.


The absolute worst thing you could do starting out though would be to try to do too much, or do something too fast.

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Thank you. My problem is I don't have a place to practice apart from home. I don't work in a commercial kitchen, but thankfully I have found work now and I hope that I can survive work because the culinary school where I am has first year apprentices who do their mise much quicker than me

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