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Savory Ice Creams...

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I have had this idea in my head for some time now...Individual tomato Tarte Tatins. Heirloom tomatoes, some green zebras would be lovely a Tarte Tatin accompanied with a Basil Ice Cream. By Individual I am referring to the smallish cast iron pans. What do you think?

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Sounds like something I want to eat.

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toss some mozerlla in and u get cAPRESE 8D

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Not so much ice creams, but have done loads of savory sorbets( Lemon-thyme w/ Cayenne, Golden Beet, Pineapple w/ sage, Champagne w/ peach & Lavender, Mango & Curry, etc etc etc). 


Basil sorbet we have done a million and six times, but, as an ice cream never. I just think that it would be so heavy texturally, that it just wouldn't be as "clean" to the palate. Fermi Fang might be joking, but you can do Mozz "caviar" as a garnish, where the skin is set cheese, and the inside milk, not too different. The richness could come from that, instead of the basil ice cream.

~If you are what you eat, I am cheap, fast, and easy.


~If you are what you eat, I am cheap, fast, and easy.

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It sounds good. Think of a sauce like a balsamic reduction or a raspberry gastrique. Some kind of sweet/acidic element. my only thing is the cast iron. as you know, tomatoes are high in acid and may pick up some of that metallic taste once the crust is broken...I might be wrong. that's the thing about trying a new dish, test,test,test,test

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You always make the classic french dish...Tarte a cast iron pan.

Cast Iron does not do anything to the food other than to enrich it.

Basil and Cream love eachother....hence, would be a lovely play with the tomoato, instead of apple, tartin.

Tomato is a fruit, just as are apples.

I have not made this dish is just wandering around in my mind for the last couple of years.

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....and love Caprese!

Especially with Green zebra, Orange heirlooms, yellows.....Looks like a Stain Glass Window in a Cathredral on a plate!

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