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First Set of Stones

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I have read A LOT. I had trouble searching these forums, but have searched a lot at Fred's Cutlery. I have a decent understanding now of stones...yet...but yet, I still don't know where I should go. 


My knives:

Victorinox 10" Chef's (college kid, used daily not much abuse)

Victorinox 8" Slicer (used a lot for meat, I like to smoke)

*Various hunting knives for skinning and boning.

*A Dexter Russel boning knife for deer that my brother screwed up on a diamond rod sharpner 

*May buy my own Dexter Russel for boning deer


Unfortunately I wish I could say I had a good amount to spend on stones and accessories but I don't. I will in the future, but I just need a start for now. I've never free hand sharpened before but I want to learn for the future. I was thinking that the Norton 220/1000 combo could hold a special spot for the hunting/butchering side with the 220 and the kitchen side with the 1000. I see some stuff about 1000 glass stones being good options.


Also, I see that whetstones require flattening where oil stones don't so much...if I'm correct. Would it be better for me to stay with oil stones of some kind to avoid flatening being more things to buy. I just need to learn how to sharpen first before I worry about my knives being super super sharp. OOTB sharp for my Victornox's is good enough for me for now.


I'll also need a base for some of the stones that don't come with anything? That also adds to the price.


Maybe Norton India Bench stones are a good idea for my first stones.


Thanks for any help,




EDIT: I have an Idahone 1200

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Some similar discussions:


A Norton IB-8 with an additional finer stone would work but I prefer 3 inch wide stones as described in my post in the 2nd link above.


A review of the IB-8 is here:

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I have a Bester 500, a Minosharp 1k, a King 6k a blasa strop with chrome oxide and a bark tanned leather strop.  I have a stone holder/diamond flatening plate combo from CKtG and a fixer stone.  For every day touch ups I have a Mac ceramic steel with lines/smooth on different sides and a felt block.  Before the felt block I used and still do wine bottle corks for deburring after a touch up and in between stones when working the edges.  It's not a n expensive setup


This is a pretty modest setup and it keeps my blades in prime working order.  A friend of mine at work inquired as to just how sharp the 240mm Gyuto I had just finished was  - well I shredded some paper towel for him and that was that.  It's a beautiful thing it is really.

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Thanks for the help

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Just got the special package from CKTG for my cooks that way my personal stones are just for me.


I can't be happier with the set, add an idahone fine rod, a package of drywall  screen and you're done... With this set you'll get your knives much sharper than forchner OOTB pretty much for the rest of your life.


Best regards.


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