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I want to go to Ferrandi, but?

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I'm a high school grad but my future plans include opening a boulangerie/patisserie type bakery. So at first, I looked up the school  ENSP, a school in Yssingeaux, France. Once i read the reviews however, I heard nothing but awful things about it from students who went there. So, i scratched that off my list and now I'm looking at Ferrandi and i think it looks amazing. I've heard, from students who went there, that it is amazing. I guess my fear now is, will i be able to get in? I guess my question is, is it hard to get into?


If you got accepted to this school, can you give me some idea about what i should expect in applying? I would really appreciate any other useful information!




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Hey Jessie, are you thinking about doing the International Pastry and baking program? I am considering going from next September.

I did a lot of research and Ecole Ferrandi seems to be the best option. I asked for the brochure and they gave me an application form along with a little more info about the school( programs, price, etc.) They also told me that it is not hard to get in, but you have to apply early because they only accept very few students for the international program.   I'll paste the info on the bottom of this post so you can see what the application process is like.

I just graduated high school and am currently working under a well known pastry chef in Japan (amazing connections :)). My plan is to open my own boulangerie/ patisserie too!

I'll be applying soon for the September session so I'll let you know when I do!







Admission procedure
To apply, please fill out this form and send it to: FERRANDI – Intensive Professional Programs 28, rue de l’Abbé Grégoire 75006 PARIS - FRANCE
Along with the following documents: -    a motivation statement explaining your reasons for applying to the Intensive Professional Program
including background, past experience (culinary-related or not), and professional goals. Please include how
you learned about FERRANDI-Paris and what led you to apply for our program (1 to 2 pages, in English). -    two letters of recommendation, professional and/or academic -    a resume -    copy of passport or ID card (EU citizens) -    1 passport-size photo -    official transcripts from the last school attended -    application fee of 150 euros (non-refundable)
Complete applications will be reviewed by a committee and notification will be provided to candidates within 4 weeks.
Tuition and Cancellation Policy
Tuition for Cuisine or Pastry is 18,000 Euros. The payment schedule is as follows:
- - -
6,000 € deposit due upon notification of acceptance by FERRANDI to confirm enrollment 6,000 € due by the first day of class 6,000 € due by the end of the first month of class
In the case of cancellation more than two months prior to the program start date, a partial refund of the deposit can be made by the school. No refund will be made for cancellation notified less than two months before the program start date. Once courses have begun, the student is responsible for payment of full tuition, even in the case of early withdrawal.
Visa & Registration
-    Upon acceptance, students will be mailed an attestation of their acceptance which will allow them to apply for a student entry visa at the French Embassy or Consulate nearest their legal place of residence before entering France.
-    Upon arrival in France, international students are required to furnish the following documents to be officially registered at FERRANDI-Paris and to obtain a “Carte de Séjour” from the French government: -    student entry visa (see above) -    proof of internationally valid health and accident insurance -    official copy of birth certificate -    proof of financial responsibility -    three passport-size photos
FERRANDI-Paris has no on-campus housing, however the school offers advice on finding suitable accommodations. A list of housing possibilities and contracts is available to all candidates once their application has been accepted.
FERRANDI-Paris 28, rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris – France Tel : + 33-14954 1809 – Fax : +33-14954 1840 - E-mail :

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Hi simon!Wow that's amazing! And you're in the exact position I'm in(except you're in Japan and I'm sooo jealous haha) but yeah I should get to that application now. I actually emailed the school and I got the application and some info as well. They told me the February classes are filled already so I'm shooting for September 2013:)

Thanks for all the information and let's definitely keep in touch so you can update me on how your applying is going and vice versa~!
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Awesome! I'm aiming for the September session too!

Hey one question.

How fluent are you in French? I can't speak French at all and I know they give french lessons and all but I don't think that will be sufficient. (being bilingual is hard enough..)



I wonder what their options are for the internships. I want to know the names of the hotels and patisseries.


I also want to know if they help you get jobs after the program.


Yeah, definitely! you can also contact me via email. My email is

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My French... My French is okay but it really could use some freshening up. I'm sure the classes would work because not only will we be in France learning the language but I'm sure it'll be more intense since we actually need to learn the language..when I was in high school, My French teacher was some American lady who barely knew how to say hello in French.. Lol

Have you ever been to Paris? I went there when I was like 15 so I kinda get the idea of how it is and I went to a couple patisserie/boulongerie's and they're now my inspiration. Honestly, if they could help me get a job at a place like those, I'd be content. Haha

The thing I'm worried about is living situation... But I guess I'll worry about that later:/

Oh my e-mal is:

Talk to you soon!
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hi there


im not someone that usually writes on forums.


however i thought the very least i could do is give some real life feedback to those who are considering attending.


i am a recent graduate of the ferrandi cuisine program (class Sep 2012) and can honestly say that it has been themost amazing 5 mths experience to date. The teachers are dedicated to u 200%, facilities are good and we went on excusrions to visit markets, wine regions, farms etc. We halso dealth with local produce, including all seafoods, poultry and cattle cuts along with being introduced to techniques and skills that only a traditional french culinary program will expose you to. In addition to cooking ancient and modern french recipes, we also had simulated restaurant services where we had to cater for 50-80 guests on a fortnightly basis to get us up to scratch to meet the demands on a real parisian kitchen.


 More than half the class all went to michelin resaurants afterwards and we are all hopig that our stagiere program will be as rewarding as the school curiculum. 


Good luck in all your applications.

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Ferrandi is a fantastic school, and very well respected here in France. You should also concider Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Julia Childs alma mater.

One of the differences between Ferrandi and LCB is the schooling vs stage-period. I belive Cordon Bleu students do shorter stage and spend a longer period in school,  and that the

Ferrandi graduates spend less time in the school and longer as stagiers. It all comes down to what you want to learn or experience.   
I went tp LCB and the experience was everything I ever hoped for!! Best time of my life. Did a stage in both 1 and 2 stars Michelin restos here in France.

I have no idea if Ferrandi is any better or worse than LCB, as I did not do Ferrandi, but in order to make a choice.... evaluate both.


Anyway, good luck with your education :-)

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$25k for 5 months is crazy....ugh!

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Hi Jessie, 


have you applied to September session ?


I have just sent me application and hopefully i get accepted :)

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Hi everyone! Thank you for all the informative feedback!


Where should I start?

Firstly, I visited Le Cordon Bleu in Miami and wow.... what a bust! They were not informative and I was not impressed at all. So I scratched that off my list!

Next, I'm going to visit the French Culinary Institute in NYC and I hope that goes well.


I applied to Ferrandi back in December(I believe it was the 16th) and i haven't heard a word from them since.... I was applying for the Pastry Program 2013 and still no response. I don't know if it just takes a while or what?

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Originally Posted by Ammar View Post

Hi Jessie, 

have you applied to September session ?

I have just sent me application and hopefully i get accepted smile.gif

I just found out today that I was accepted!
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Originally Posted by Jessie Saadoun View Post

I just found out today that I was accepted!

Congrats! I sent my app out yesterday! I applied for pastry but I was told I'll probably be waitlisted... I hope someone decides not to go... :(

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I am going to Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  I have been accepted and just have to work out the financial part.  It is an incredible school so check it out.

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11th in line for pastry...keeping my fingers crossed for cuisine! 

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Its like anything, you get what you pay for. I'm a graduate from The Academy of Culinary Arts in NJ. I paid twenty thousand dollars for my Applied Science degree as and most of the chef educators were from Europe. For the money I feel as though I received a excellent education, now having said that if I could have afforded it I would have went to CIA in Hyde Park which has private funding from the likes of Pillsbury or Hunts,etc. So if they need a new state of the art kitchen built its done as compared to state colleges who receive state funding not even a fair comparison
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Hey! I'm in Paris now studying at the Cordon Bleu in Paris! As the other post-er said, I'm not sure if it is better or worse than Ferrandi but I've certainly heard good things about the school. The Cordon Bleu's that are abroad are completely different than those in the States, which is why I ended up here. If you have any questions about how much French you need to know to study here, living in Paris, etc, let me know! Happy to help! You can also check out my blog:


Bon Courage!

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I just went to Europe to search for a cooking school... 

And i looked for schools in spain france and Switzerland

Each schools has a different focus and i think tha ferrandi is a good option ! from all of the schools that i had visited just le cordon Bleu does not offer an intership, that i think it is a shame for such a well known and such a good scholl.

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I actually found this blog post right after I discovered the wonder of Ferrandi! Thank you. Let me just say that. I have a million burning questions that I hope you can answer as I am just starting out as well. I have a formal education in business but I just love being in the kitchen. Definitely something from my roots. I want to attend Ferrandi in the next couple of years because I know their starts are limited to 2 per year. I want to know more about living arrangements though which is definitely hard to find even going on the websites. Nothing indicates whats close to the school or not. I won't be coming alone because I am married. Do you have any resources that may be able to help me?

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If you don't mind my asking, what are your living arrangements like? This is my biggest concern.

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Hey Destined2Cook!


I'm not sure how Ferrandi does it, but I know that with the Cordon Bleu they had a person that would help you find an apartment using a list of people that their students have rented from in the past. Most of the students though did it on their own. Like any major city, finding an apartment is quite the task. I'm from Dallas, TX and was used to just walking into an apartment complex in an area that I liked and asking if they had any apartments available in my price range for the time I wanted. Not to scare you, but it's not at all like that in Paris. It's very difficult... There really aren't companies that own apartment complexes. Rather each apartment is rented out by the person that owns it. There are a couple of options. The easiest, but most expensive is to go through an online agency like ParisAttitude. There is a high agency fee but it is faster and more guaranteed than other options. That other option, is to try to avoid the large agency fee (which can be about a month's rent, unrefundable), and try to rent straight from the apartment owners using or leboncoin. It's possible to get a place using these sites, but very difficult because every one else is using them too to try to find a place. The owners are picky as well and will want to look at recent bank statements, your passport/visa, and even interview you. You can find a place this way but it's best to do it when you are in the city and allow several weeks. oh and it's super stressful. :-) So best option- plan well in advance for the best options, use a website like ParisAttitude or Sabbatical Homes, and be prepared to pay a hefty fee. Here's a couple blog posts I wrote about my experience:


Also, use Google Maps to "walk" around the area the apartment will be in. All of the agency websites will show the approximate location of the apartment, so you will be able to know if it is close to Ferrandi.


Happy to help with any other questions!

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Hi Jessie


how's your experience at Ferrandi? i'm currently assessing my options and would love to hear from people who have been there and done that! :)



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