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Wanting to make the best strawberry ice cream or at least one of the best.

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I have make many ice cream without an ice cream maker. Anyway, I have noticed that it is not easy to make strawberry ice cream very creamy if you add a lot of strawberry as it contain lots of moisture, so I was wondering if I simmer the heavy cream to reduce the water content and then add the strawberry into it, would it be a good idea? The other way would be simmer the strawberry and add it in the cream, but i rather not do that as I don't want to kill the vitamins in the strawberry. What do you think? I read online and says it can be done and when I ask in yahoo answers, they say the cream will seperate into butter? So what is it that is true, besides I don't like asking questions on yahoo answers as more often than not, the answers are mainly junks and low quality answers.

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Drain the fruit and either use a processor or immersion blender to make a puree.

Season said puree with sugar and  maybe a few drops oil flavoring (check Loran products for a huge array of flavors).

Hopefully you have saved the liquid from pour off.

If you have, just add a bit of this if your puree is thicker than you need.

However, be aware that too much water based liquid will form ice crystals in the finished product.



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Would you like it to contain eggs? or stabilizers? There are a few ways, I wouldn't redeuce the cream, it can change the fat content of the final product and make it have an unpleasant texture.


The way we make it, fresh hulled strawberries pureed in the Vitamix or blender. Strain puree through a chinois. Fold into a base, our base is called Fior di Latte. This is a very simple milk base that we use, it does not contain eggs.

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as you all now cream is 35% fat and I want a 25% fat strawberry ice cream, so just say you add 1 litre of heavy cream, 1 litre = 1000 ml, I am from an asian country, that is our unit of measurement, not too familiar with quarts, well I am not sure how much water 1kg of strawberry yields, fruits is about 90% water, so just assume you add 1kg of strawberry =100% water as 90% is close to 100%, into the 1 litre of cream, so now 35% divide 2 = 17%. What I was saying that simmer the cream up to 50% of the moisture down, then add the strawberry juice in. so 1000ml/2  after simmering = 70% fat now. add the strawberry ice cream which is 1000 ml.1000ml/1500ml= 2/3. 500ml of simmer heavy cream + 1000 ml of juice.  so 1/3 X 70 % fat = 23%++ fat in the strawberry ice cream if you get what I mean, I could reverse it and not touch the heavy cream but simmer the strawberry instead, but cooking will kill of the nutrition in the strawberry.

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  First off, if you have 35% fat cream base and want 25%, a 10% difference, I would take a liter of cream and add 100 ml of good water to get your 25% fat base.  I am no math or science major so the numbers may be off but diluting the base is the way to make your plan work. 

  We have a small, commercial ice cream maker. I am the dishwasher and helper, my wife has all the recipes so I can help much on that part.  I do know that to keep the product creamy depends on speed and temperature. Temps as low as -28 is what we start with when making ice cream. A 2 liter batch will take about 7 minutes from liquid form to ice cream, more or less. Flavors with lots of sugar take more time, flavors with a tart or less sweet taste can go faster.

 The idea is that super cold gets all the ingredients cold at the same time where as if you are working at 0 degrees or so, ice from the water will form long before the base starts to get cold. 

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I finally found that the creamiest ice cream is at 25% fat, I found a recipe, cocoa is mainly dry, so it would be negligible. the recipe ask for 2 cups cream, 1 cup milk which is about 25% fat, so I guess 25% fat would be the magic number for creamy ice cream, insufficient strawberry and the ice cream won't taste nice enough, never mind, maybe I will just simmer the ice cream and reduce the moisture by 50% and add the strawberry and posts  you all the results and pictures :P

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keep the base the same - concentrate the flavouring 



"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold





"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold


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Reducing the cream will only serve to CONCENTRATE the cream and therefore increase the fat %.

As will reducing your ice cream base.

Ice cream is pretty forgiving about fat % as long as you have it at or above that magical 25%.

It matters A LOT if you are not stirring or churning constantly while your mixture is cooling to the target temp.

Like with a machine intended for that purpose.



Fancy Math, lolol!


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also if you noticed, like gelato, less cream, more strawberry and also calls to add distilled water, once I was not making gelato, I add way more strawberry than a gelato, but because I used more cream and milk, it wouldn't compensate with adding extra strawberry unless I add exorbitant amounts of strawberry, so lesson here is cream and milk dillute the strawberry, so that is why if I evoporate the cream to 50%, it gives me more room to add more strawberry and yet maintain the fat level around 25%, from my experience of making strawberry ice cream, if it is not red enough, it obviously will not taste enough strawberry.

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Some fruits, like strawberries need to be augmented with sugar and sometime extra flavoring.

But, whatever.

Everyone needs some failures in the kitchen before a product is one you can be proud of.


Here is a great strawberry ice cream recipe.

I use it all the time with my KA ice cream attachment.

You will note what I said before, that the fat % does not matter, I am partial to heavy whipping cream.



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When I make strawberry ice cream I macerate the berries for an hour or so at room temperature in sugar with a bit of balsamic vinegar. The vinegar definitely intensifies the fruitiness of the berries.

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I definitely feel reducing the cream is a bad idea. Reducing or intensifying the berries is the way go. I would macerate the berries for an hour with sugar and a small amount of balsamic vinegar then strain off the resulting juice. Reserving it for later then puree the berries, use the reserved liquid to adjust the thickness of your puree. You haven't cooked the berries but you have intensified their flavor and color.

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there is a long life cream that I am just trying(anchor cooking cream) but I'm there is more than 1 variety-already reduced bomb proof for cooking! cheers

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