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Hi from Aus :)

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Hi,  just joined.  Well, as my heading says, I'm an Aussie.  I'm also about to make my dream of being a professional cook and cafe owner a reality.  Cooking has been a passion for over 30 years and next year I start in a commercial cookery course, which is my first step toward my dream goal.  At 45, I'm proof you are never too old!

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G'day and welcome!

I love Aus - last trip was about two years ago to visit family and friends in Sydney, Canberra, rural NSW and Melbourne. My first visits were a looping time ago when it was almost impossible to get a good meal anywhere (pie floater, anyone?!). But nowadays there are truly superb restaurants and gastro pubs even in small towns. I eat far too much on my trips, but the heat gives me an aversion to booze, so I usually manage to come back to the UK approx the size I was when I left!

you are brave to change your life like that... And I wish you great success. Where are you in Aus?

The blogs, articles, reviews and photographs are a great resource.

Look forward to seeing you around the boards!
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Good on ya' IndiGirl! That takes shear guts and determination to start that type of life course, at any age really. Don't let anything stand in your way, you go girl!
Aloha, Welcome
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