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Hi from Dallas

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Mashie here.  I'm a home cook and I'd do it for a living if I could afford it and if my achy knees didn't hurt so much.  Anyway, I stumbled upon the site looking for info on basting techniques.  Hope to learn lots!

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Aloha, Welcome Mashie.

I think that you've come to the right place.

A little over a year ago I was doing the same thing, looking for an answer to a question, and Chef Talk was the solution!

Everyone is here to talk about all things food related.  We chat, share and even have friendly debates.

The forums are fantastic, a note that though Mashie.  For folks like me and you who are not employed in the industry, although we wish we were, the three Pro Forums are just that.  We are asked to read only there, but it does make for a great read, I gotta' say.

Check out the Search Bar at the top of the page for conversations on topics that interest you, very many have been around the block several times.  Once you've gone over the Tutorials, FAQ and the Community Guidelines, PM a Mod (like me) or an Admin person if you have questions in regards to the site.

This is the best site, we have great respect for one another, jump in feet first!

Aloha, k~girl

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