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Greetings from Vegas!

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Hi all, 


I recently joined Chef Talk and am excited to officially be part of the community. I recently moved to Vegas to work in a restaurant in the Palazzo Casino and am helping build an internet tech company for the food industry.


Looking forward to engaging with you all!





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Aloha Brent, Welcome to Chef Talk.

Palazzo? Is that the hotel that has the show Jersey Boys?

Love Vegas, well I'm from Hawaii, who from Hawaii doesn't?

Take a look around Brent and be sure to check out more than the Forums.  The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are superb.

You might want to go over the Tutorials, FAQ and the Community Guidelines.  If you have questions in regards to the site, feel free to Private Message one of the Moderators or an Admin person.  We're all here to talk food and everything food related.  I do know what interests you have, but I'm sure that you'll find your niche at Chef Talk.  Everyone is friendly and gracious with their knowledge and more than willing to share.   

Once again, Welcome.

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Welcome Brent!  I am also living and working in Vegas.  It is such a perfect time of year right now.  Enjoy Chef Talk.

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You are correct that the Palazzo featured the Jersey Boys show however they recently relocated the show to Paris Casino & Resort. I will definitely browse around the community guidelines, articles, reviews, etc. 


kaneohegirl, you are from and live in my two of my favorite places. I recently visited Maui with my family and loved it. And I went to school at Arizona State and absolutely loved the beautiful nature throughout the state.


Thank you for the warm welcome.

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Jelly, where do you work here in Vegas?

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I'm your next door neighbor over at the Wynn.  Though I have lived here several years and worked at some of the other resorts in town, including Venetian/Palazzo. Nice resorts, AWFUL employee parking.  Nothing like waiting 20 minutes in a line of traffic just to get out of the parking garage.

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The Wynn eh? I actually park there for work and just walk over since the Venetian employee parking garage is like 30 mins away from my restaurant.


Which restaurant do you work in? 


Also, I had a question as to how Wynn resorts hires restaurant employees. I spoke with someone who said that the resort's HR hires all of the restaurant staff for all the restaurants. Is this correct? 

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Some resorts, like the Venetian, seem to have more of a leasing agreement with their restaurants the way malls do.  However, places like Wynn or the MGM properties are different.  The employees are actually employees of the hotel and can transfer from one restaurant outlet to another.  That being said, the fine dining restaurants still do their own recruiting and will sometimes interview potential employees, schedule stages and only THEN send that person through the HR process to be hired.  If looking to move jobs, it is still best to go directly through the chef when possible.  Because of union rules and certain delays, jobs are sometimes open before they are ever posted publicly.

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Thank you for that information Jelly. Currently I am enjoying my job at the Palazzo so I do not see myself switching resorts yet, but great to know.


Are you involved in any festivals or food events out here? I am looking to start exploring more of what Vegas has to offer.

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