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Need some advice

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I have worked at a restaurant for the past 1 1/2 years. I am the only cook other than the chef. I make $12/ hour and I still live at home, I'm 23 years old. I just had an interview today with the four seasons in Hawaii. The pay will be $17/ hour, but I have to pay for my own rent car, etc. I have also contacted a 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Spain about doing a stage, but they want me for a full year and they will pay for housing.

What should my next move be, stay at home, four seasons, or stage? And why?
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My suggestion is to go to Spain..


The cost of living in Hawaii is quite high (google cost of living calculator and compare your area to the one where you will be), $17/hr won't buy you much of anything except the bare basics.  


Coupling the crappy pay with the vast opportunities for learning authentic cultural cuisine abroad at a restaurant that will push your knowledge and creativity would lean my attention toward Spain.


Staying at home will give you the same result that you have been getting, if you were satisfied with that you wouldn't be looking elsewhere.


I wish you well in whatever you choose. :)

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I started my Career on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. I was 3 yrs older than you are now, I worked my way up in a company named Spencecliff, I learned a lot and brought back what I learned to Washington State where I am now. I'm sure the Four Seasons would have  a great dining room menu, great brunch and great caterings to keep you busy learning and applying your knowledge. Like Lauren said, $17 an hr doesn't get you much in Hawaii, most local people live simple, they find the most food for the buck. Most of the single people team up and get a 3 bedroom appt and share expenses. I think Hawaii would be a good learning experience but, it does have its challenges.

   Spain, how much ore old world can you get, what an adventure. The plus about Spain is the housing, that would take a big weight off your shoulders and put a few bucks in your pocket to enjoy your days off. My only concern right now is, Spain's Economy is the pits, unemployment is the highest in Europe and there is now sign of it getting better in the near future. The other factor could be a language barrier, getting by with my Spanish ordering a meal is one thing, working with the local people and speaking the local tongue is another. I think the Spain trip could be a great learning experience dealing with different foods, different methods of cooking, and working in a new and different culture.........If it were me I would pick.............Spawaai..............I'll give you my real pick, when I find out if you could speak Spanish.............Take care....Bill

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