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Make or break

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Okay, i've come to what can be one of the most important decisions of my professional life. A little background first: I'm a 20 years old from Rio de Janeiro with 3 months work experience in a small spanish bistro. I was a cook at the bistro and did little dishwashing, i will soon move out to another city with my GF and here is my situation:


I got invited to work at two different places.


The first one is a pub-like place. They offered me about 1.000 to 1.200+Transportation monthly(average pay around here) to work 8 hours 6 days a week. I will mostly serve appetizers, portions and simple dishes(tenderloin with rice and blackbeans, chicken with piamontese rice, etc). The owner is an administration teacher with a passion for food, i will do little to NONE dishwashing and she wants me to make specials every now and then.


The second one is a fancy restaurant in the city center, owned by a big group who also administrates other 5 big "haute cuisine" restaurants in town. They serve top notch food in a very busy pace. I would probably choose the second one over the first but the problem is they want to pay me as a "student" which means 300+Transportation to work 10 hours five days a week. I have also no idea if i will be a full-time dishwasher or prep, or both.


It all boils down to the fact i won't be staying long in town, probably only 2-3 months more. If i choose the second one over the first, i might have 2 months experience only and won't have enough money to set up a proper house in the city in moving to.


I have a few questions.


The first one is, does 2 months in a top level restaurant rather than 2 in an average one makes a WHOLE lot of difference if you are hiring someone? will it even count for something if i only do prep and dishwash?


Secondly, would you hire someone who has only 5 months experience in TWO different places?

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Scratch that, the top level restaurant only wants people who have attended culinary school. Seems like i will be spending the next 6 months in a pub lol.

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