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i like cornbread with my chilli or beans. can i use corn flour if i dont have corn meal? is it close enough to corn meal to make good cornbread. i like cornbread but honestly have never been a fan of how gritty itfeels when you eat it. so can i use corn flour as a corn meal substitute?

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What do you mean by corn flour? I've heard of corn meal and corn starch and masa but don't think I've ever seen anything called corn flour. If you mean corn starch, you absolutely cannot use it as a substitute for cornmeal.


That gritty texture is part and parcel of the charm of a good cornbread. It's the coarse grind that gives it that nice, corny flavor.

post #3 of 14 a matter of fact there IS such a thing as corn flour. (Red Cedar Farms carries it at many stores)

And Lokeymp yes you can use it to sub for cornmeal.

You may have to experiment with all purpose flour and corn flour ratio to get what you want.

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Thanks, Chefross! I've never seen it before. Always nice to learn something new!

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It depends where lokeymp is from as to what cornflour might mean. It is used as a synonym for corn starch outside of the US.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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Most of the gritty texture (which to me the best part) will disappear if you allow your batter to sit for 10-15 minutes before it is dumped in the cast iron skillet, screaming hot from sticking it in the oven during the preheat (this last part also heats up the lard or bacon grease or butter so you get that gorgeous crust on the bottom).

As a matter of fact, just pulled a pan of this southern table staple out of the oven.

Made chili Friday and looking forward to the re-heated leftovers, 'cuz everyone knows it always tastes better the second time around.



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Good recipe and method Flip, Proja (cornbread) is a staple in our house.We take its to the next stage for a simple meal in itself by stuffing it.

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Kippers you think somebody know to read Serbian recipe ??? Find some English version and post smile.gif btw proja is the best smile.gif
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I live in hope.

I cup cornmeal

1 cup ap flour

1sachet b/powder

3 eggs

125 mls milk or thin yogurt

125 oil

150 grms crispy pork crackling

150 grms feta

100 mls fizzy water

500 grms spinach

150 grms cooked ham.


Cook spinach dry then let it cool and mix in chopped cooked ham.


Mix flours with baking powder

whisk eggs, milk or yog and oil, add cubed cheese and crackling.

Pour into flour and add fizzy water till you get a good batter.

pour half into a non stick baking tin, add the spin/ham and spoon the other half on top.

Bake in medium oven till golden.

NB be careful with seasoning as the feta and ham should be salty.

Serve with Pivo

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Pivo with everything!



OBTW Kip... Jak se mas?

Sorry, don't know how to make the accent marks on the 'puter...



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Dobro Hvala! I think your greeting is Czech?

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Yeah, the cotton farmer husband's gma was from the "old country".

Don't remember too much, just the dirty words and a few others.

Know all the words to Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie (the hide and seek song) tho.



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He comes from good stock, Vaclav Havel is one of my heroes.

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You can use corn flour but any recipe you have using corn meal will have to be adjusted .Probably more liqid added. Or you can toss in a can of kernal corn with the liquid.

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