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hello from kingman az

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I have been baking pretty much my whole life, I love it so much i am working towards having my own shop someday soon. my grandmother was the one who taoght me to bake. I miss her dearly. hope to make some new friends and learn a few new things and maybe teach a few things i know

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Aloha, Hello from Southern Arizona!

Heh, Welcome to Chef Talk, this is THE place. 

A shop of your own, huh?  Good for you!

Not sure if you've looked around, but I think that everyone here is more than willing to share their knowledge. 

The forums aren't the only great thing about CT, check out the Articles, Reviews and Galleries of peoples work.  A note, the three Pro forums are just that, for the Pros, read only to us folk not employed in the food biz.  If you have any questions in regards to the site, please PM a Mod, we're all happy to help.

Once again, Welcome.

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