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almond macrons

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Hi, I failed twice making macarons..only was slightly successful once but most cracked. but, my biggest problem is the batter is too runny and spreads out when piped onto parchment. I aged my 3 eggs whites for a day, 2/3 c of almond meal, 1and 1/2 powder sugar and 3 tbsp of gran sugar. My eggs whites were beaten until stiff peaks and I mixed or macronage about 30 strokes. Am I not mixing long enough or should I let the batter sit a bit before fillng the piping bags? Thanks
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If your batter is runny, you have over mixed when folding.  As you mix, stop and check the consistency.  You can see it change.  It's best to under mix, then fold a few more times. 

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I also like to let mine sit for about about an hour after I pipe them and then I bake them off.  Don't give up!  You learn from your mistakes more than anything else!

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I failed a few times on the French Macarons..  once it hit me as to where I was doing wrong, I have not failed ever, and it has been a year now . .  You will do it right after a few attempts.  good luck.



,  I can now make them in my sleep...  this was the last ones I made last September 2012

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I do not count how many folds I make.  I go by what I see..  I stop until I get the ketchup consistency.  As what Chef Tahoe mentioned,  they have to sit  to dry at least 30 mins (40 is what I always do) for them to form a skin.  What temp did you bake ?  I bake at 315 for 13-15 minutes.


Just keep trying.  You will it get in time for Christmas.  Good luck

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