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DAY in a Young Chef Life 2

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Roll out of bed at 8am with the biggest headache in the world and a fever, take a shower grab my books and out the door. I was taught as a chef u gotta be strong reguardless the situition. So after class i show up at work around 1pm (everyday) thing. So as i start on the filling for my Enchiladas like basically 2 hrs of prep time i have to do in 30 mins because im the only cook between 1-3 and the food gotta be out by 3:30. So after i rush and do that im making them and spanish rice and a corn and black bean salad, remind you i have to make food for 500-700 in one shot. My manager walks in and tellls me that my prep cook will be leaving early today, (comes in at 3pm and leave at 5pm) whats the point of her coming in at all. Now i have to make all this food by myself AND make 22 pans of meat lasagna and 12 veg lasagna's for the next day. So i bite the bullet and make cook all the food by 330 take a break at 4 come back at 430 and cook the beef for lasagna. Out of nowhere my front of the house people say we out of food at the lasat min. I dont understand if u know im by myself, and its like 13 of yal why cant u tell me early. Now my manager is pissed coming to the kitchen like where is the food, he knew i was by myself and prepin for the next day. IF YAL GET ANYTHING OUT THIS WHOLE THING GET THIS...IF U A MANAGER OR A SOUS CHEF DONT WATCH ANOTHER CHEF FALL ON HIS FACE WHEN HE DOING THE BEST HE/SHE CAN!



                                                                                           CHEF JAYCEE

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Keep up the good fight! 


As a FOH person, I am very adamant about making sure that my BOH staff knows how much I appreciate them. I need them just as much as they need me.


More industry people need to recognize the fact that a restaurant is a machine with dozens of moving parts that need to come together in order to provide a success dining environment.



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