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Veal Ribs?

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I vaguely remember getting a case of veal ribs from a purveyor last year that we ran as a feature. Are these just the section that is normally frenched on a veal chop? Has any one else came across these? are they easily available to run throughout the winter season?

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These are extremely difficult to get. Most specs call for veal chop with the bone in so only small I will call them actually riblets are available .

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Here is a link to a PDF that explains a bit about the veal industry so you can order what you want:


It sound like you are looking for veal short ribs, here is a link with a picture:  


If it is the veal rack or hotel rack you are looking for it looks like this:  you can get it trimmed or not.  


Or maybe you are actually looking for veal breast:

Veal breast is basicly bone-in brisket.  You can get it for under $3 per pound as opposed to more than $10 per pound of the other cuts.


I guess it's none of my business who your purvayor is, but they should be able to get you what you want via the NAMP number.  Short ribs NAMP is 323, rack is 306, breast is 313...  The PDF I liked to has the NAMP # included in the description.

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