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Travel Fees??

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I am the catering coordinator at the restaurant I work for. We do lots of weddings and business luncheons. Our weddings typically range in distance from 15 - 35 miles. We had something come up recently 160 miles away. I will need to take probably 5 employees. We will need to take our catering van, and probably one other car. We have figured it will be about $1200 dollars on top of what we would usually charge, I am just trying to figure out a way to explain that when presenting the price to our client. Any suggestions?

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Do you have a policy in place in your catering contract that details how far you will travel from the restaurant, and what the charge for travel time outside of the established radius?


When I did outside catering, we worked in a 25 mile radius from our office. Anything outside of the "zone" was charged per mile and per man hour, round trip.

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On our catering menu it reads that additional fees will be charged outside of 35 miles. The client seems prepared to hear a pretty high number -- I just am not sure how to explain it to him without saying, "well you have to pay for all our gas, and all our labor" and so on. Am I making sense? I just need help in sounding professional when explaining the fee. I've never had to do it before.

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285 miles (less your 35 mile radius) @ $1.25 per mile = 356.25

6 hrs Travel Time @ $x pr hr =? What ever your combined hourly rate is for five employees ....or a flat fee to cover their rate.


Is regular labor for setup, tear down and clean up also included in your bid? I would assume so.


Charge for one vehicle, round trip. The client could care less how many vehicles you need to take. $356 should cover your fuel?


Explain to them your policy is to travel within a 35 mile radius of your restaurant. Set a standard mileage fee and quote anything else that comes up like this on a case by case basis.

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