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I've been wanting to get out of Pittsburgh and see what other cities are doing with food. Any advice on relocating to another major city? I don't have a ton of cash to do it. Has anyone ever worked out a deal to have your workplace pay room and board, while working a stage?

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I know in France it is common to live in the restaurant you stage in.  You earn about 300 euros a month - yes month, and live in the resto.  Their are organizations that can set up a deal like that if you are serious.  England too is common for "live-in jobs" where you are given a dorm above the pub or whatever.  In America I don't know about staging and live-in jobs so much, but in America it is much easier to get the company to pay for your move and put you up in a hotel while you get settled.  To do it that way you have to apply with a big company and have the skills they are looking for.  


If you want to work on a yacht (pay and free room and board) go to Fort Lauderdale in the winter and Newport in the summer.  There are tones of agencies that will place you on a yacht.


That's all I got for now, if you tell me exactly what you are looking for I may be able to assist more.

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I'm not familiar with overseas options for moving/relocating for work, but I believe that Coup-de-Feu has covered that.  As for within the US, there are several options.  The option I took was to put all my belongings into storage and fly to San Antonio.  I crashed at a friend's apartment while I looked for a job and my own place to live.  The downside is that eight months later I still do not have enough money to ship my belongings down here from PA.  A better option (experience speaking here) would be to try and get a job with a company that would pay for you to relocate.  My suggestion would be something like Hyatt or a similar large chain hotel.  They will likely require you to work for them for a period of time before paying to relocate you.  For example, the chef I apprenticed under works for Hyatt now.  If he wanted to have them relocate him for a new position (including an overseas job) all he has to do is ask and provided they have an opening for him they will pay for him to move because he has met their requirement of working for the company for two years.  I am certain there are other options available to you, but these are the two I am most familiar with.

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maybe find a place you want to go and stage and then look up this website call couchsurfing dot org  I know it sounds crazy, but its people who let you sleep on their couch for little to no money.  I did it when I was in Portland last year, before I went to Seattle.  Just a thought!



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