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After graduation

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I am nearing the end of my culinary program, and by next year will have my A.S. in Baking & Pastry.  I have always wanted to own my own business, but have a lot of differing thoughts on what that business should be.  Though my focus is on baking, I really do love the savory side of culinary.  I have been giving a lot of though lately to being a personal/private chef.  Any thoughts on how to break in to that career?  I don't know if I should get further schooling in nutrition in order to meet people's needs and broaden my appeal as a personal/private chef.

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You don't have to go to school to meet people's needs.  You can fill their needs just by talking and listening and taking good notes.


Just advertise, start pricing a little low and go from there.

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I disagree with the pricing low part.

In doing so this tends to make the people who can afford a private chef start thinking they are being over charged.

Worst thing you can do (and will make you more enemies than friends) is to undercut a peer.

However, you could maybe offer a lower starting salary for a short probationary period with a contact agreement stating the  higher salary if it looks like ya'll are gonna be a good fit.

During the initial interview one of your questions should cover likes, dislikes and any special diet requirements.

IMO if your potential employer mentions any allergies or diet restrictions, go home and start educating yourself (if you are weak in those areas).



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