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beef jerky seasoning

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i wanted to ask you guys what seasoning means

im from belgium so im not really famaliar with that term

i know its a powder for flavor

but is it like the ONLY thing i need to make beef jerky?

does seasoning mean add a little water with the powder and let the beef marinate in it?

or does seasoning mean sprinkle some flavor at the end when everything is done

thanks in advance!

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My favorite jerky is made with salt, pepper, prauge powder#2. Make a brine, soak 1/4 inch thick (6mm) slices of good beef for 24 hours, into the smoker for a bit then into the dehydrator to dry.

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i just found out that seasoning and marinating are two different things but its meant to be combined or something like that

like you need seasoning to marinate

sorry for my bad english lol


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I'm by no means a jerky expert, though I've done it quite a few times, but I can tell you "seasoning" does NOT happen at the end of the jerky-making.  It's part of the preparation of the meat for the drying process.  When it's dried, it's all over. I've never seen water involved, either. And "seasoning" is not merely a powder, it's a process to get the meat ready for drying.


You need to do some research into the basics of the technique and, when you've read up  on the rudiments,  come back here for explanations and fine points, which this forum is well-equipped for and always willing to provide. I'm not at all suggesting it's mysterious or difficult; it's pretty simple. It is also well worth doing!


A nice (easy) jerky is a great snack for around the house and  a really good resource if you're an outdoor-type doing hiking, hunting, or other stuff where a lightweight, energy-packed, nutritious, and non-perishable food is a good thing to have.


Study up on it a little and come on back for more discussion.




Oh, and welcome to the forum.  I'm sure you'll like it here.


ps- haven't noticed any bad English so far, your English is a whole lot better than my Flemish! wink.gif

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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@MaryB Prague Powder? Really? Do you need nitrite to conserve jerky? I am planning to make my own soon, too, since I am getting increasingly into everything cured,pickled and conserved, but I thought you could go without nitrite for that. Is this a real safety concern?

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I dry mine at temps in the danger zone so I use it. Some people don't but I prefer to not get sick.

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When I say brine I am using just barely enough water to cover the meat. A dd extra pepper before going in the smoker. I sometimes make up a dry seasoning mix and just sprinkle the meat and wrap in a ziplock bag and into the fridge for 24 hours.

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thanks mikelm

wonderfull information

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I tend to stay away from recipes that add sugar, soy, bbq sauce etc. Why cover up the beef flavor with a bunch of added stuff.

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