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Ice Carving...

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and excited about becoming an active member!


Quick question: Does anyone know any good Ice Carvers in the upstate New York area? Westchester, Dutchess, Orange County?



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Contact a local ice supply company. They would know who orders alot of ice for that purpose and would have contact info for them. Second, Large hotels or a large catering only company. And you could contact the local ACF chapters who would have an ice carving member  Welcome to the forum. And fyi.(said with a laugh) those counties are considered part of the Southern Tier of NY state and not "upstate".

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Thanks for the suggestions...Im going to explore my options tomorrow.


FYI, *laughing*, what is considered 'upstate' is very controversial and subjective. I live in Dutchess, but it seems like anyone that lives south of Dutchess/Orange County consider this upstate. "Oh, you live upstate?"....My girlfriend works in Manhattan and her co-workers treat her like a hillbilly because she has to get on the train and go 'upstate' every night after work....Cidiots......BUT, you're right. This should not be considered upstate.




Thanks for the advice!

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