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Im 19years old and on journey to become a chef. Its been about 1 year and a couple month of me working in the kitchen

My Problem is I have went to plenty of upscale restaurants trying to get my start and It seem like im having no luck

I have talked to the chef's personally they have given me good feedback saying things like " I see greatness " but at the same time the internships that we had setup have fallin thru.


To Those not understanding , My question is


Where should I go to get my start?


Im in culinary school , I work as a line cook already but I want to step into a place that is more challenging and will help better attain my goal of being a chef

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Ask if you can "stage"a day or two so they can see you how you work.  If you have one place you really wanna work, go back multiple times until the chef says yes.  Be professional even you are a student.  Bring your resume, sharp knives, be modest, no ego, but passionate about cooking.


I've seen many culinary students but only 1 out of 10 is truly eager to learn and show their passion. Keep trying!

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You say you want to get your start but your first sentence answers your question. You are on a journey. You are in culinary school and already working as a line cook. You have already started. Do not disparage where you are now or be in such a rush to get somewhere else.

Now is the time to begin developing good habits, master the basics. Good cooking and being a great chef doesn't involve someone seeing greatness in you. No matter where you work, good habits apply. Are you punctual? Are you mastering your mise-en-place, keeping your station clean, making sure the plates you produce are the best they can be? Can you keep your cool when the line gets busy? Do you do your part to make sure the food is handled properly, whether portioning, wrapping, rotating, storing?  Do you treat your coworkers with respect? Do you grouse or complain alot? When your supervisor speaks to you, are you listening respectfully?

     A kitchen is tough only because of the intense self discipline every one needs to develop. If you develop great habits, your reputation will speak for itself.  When you follow Crosi's advice and get a stage somewhere, ask the chef for a review of your performance and be ready to accept an honest opinion, not what you hoped to hear. Opportunites will present themselves. Your job is to make sure you are ready to make the most of them.  

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Exactly what chefwriter said. People in our industry talk no matter if there from a pub or a michlin star restaurant. If you work hard and have passion people will will see that and offer you jobs or at the lest give you tips on where to look. Don't give up
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Also try talking with your schools guidence councler. Its there job to help you with these kind of things.
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it takes time..... a lot of time. do your best at school and at the job you're working at now and you'll have a big advantage over the kids that just went to school without gaining real might want to keep that part about greatness to yourself for at least ten years or forever,people that have been around kind of frown on that.... just giving you some real and honest advice. also listen to everything that chefwriter just said.

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