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Gift Knife

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Hi everyone,


So, I've been trying to figure out what sort of knives I should get my Mother as a kitchen gift. There are a lot more choices then I thought there was and I'm getting a little bogged down. So I figured I might as well join a forum and ask.


 Here's the background, my parents have finally finished renovation there kitchen after, oh... 4 years of work. My mom has been really patient and I want to get her a good gift for the kitchen. She's always had terrible knives. She got this serrated stamped knives ages ago and never really had the money to get new ones. Eventually she got so used to them, it never occurred to her to get new ones. When I graduated from college and came back home for a few months she actually stole my $25 Cuisinart forged chef knife, saying "It cuts so well."


Here are my requirements for the gift.

- Chef Knife

- Utility knife

- Paring knife

- Serrated bread knife

- 8x Steak knives

- Honing steel

- Knife block or drawer organizer (not necessary but nice)

- All for under $450 (not set in stone)

- Knives need to hold there edge for a long time (I know I'm going to be the one sharpening them)

- Rust resistant


Now, I know my mom won’t need the best of the best, but I would like to get her something different. So I was thinking of going with one of the Japanese manufactures. As far as steel goes I was thinking of the harder steels carbon steels. I won’t lie, I do like the way the shun and Tojro Damascus DP knives look, so I would like to steer that direction. These knives don’t have to be in a set.


Thanks for any help!


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Sorry I forgot to say what I'm actually looking for. Mainly, I just need some brands to focus in on.

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Japanese knives tend to need sharpening stones, not 100% sure but I hear Japanese knives don't like the steel rod as it can chip the very hard steel
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good to know. I'll look into it. I'm combing through the forums  right now looking for more information.

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If your mom is anything like mine, the best choice might be Forschner Rosewoods. They're cheap, look good enough, perform well enough for a  mediocre home user and are very easy to maintain on a steel. Japanese might be 'above' her, and wasted on her.

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I would like to stay away from stamped knives, it's more of a personal preferance than anything really. I think it may be negative feedback from all of her terrible knives. lol

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Two good options would be either Fujiwara FKM or Richmond Artifex. A 210mm gyuto runs $75 Fujiwara/$70 Artifex, 150mm petty/utility $44 Fuji/$50 Artifex, paring 120mm Fuji $40, 80mm Artifex $40.


I've got the Fujiwara petty and the Artifex gyuto (though in 240mm) and I like them. The Fujiwaras look a little more traditional because they have a bolster, but the AEB-L steel of Artifex will likely hold an edge a bit longer than the molybdenum vanadium stainless of the Fujiwara.The Artifex would probably get the nod for the paring knife. It comes in an 80mm version (good if your Mom does a lot of in-hand stuff), and you can get it in any of several fancy high-tech steels that would likely hold an edge for a long time:


Add a Tojiro ITK bread knife for $63, and an Idahone ceramic rod for $29 and you're a hair over $250 thus far. Whether you might want to go higher-end than this on the knives sort of depends on how much you want to spend on the steak knives.


Another option I've heard good things about but haven't tried would be Japanese Knife Imports' Gesshin Uraku knives. They've got a wa-handled stainless gyuto that looks pretty sharp, no pun intended, for $145 that comes with a saya:


The matching petty in either 120 or 150mm goes for $110, though, so it might be hard to fit in the gyuto AND the petty in the Uraku series.


This assumes your Mom would want to go with a 210mm gyuto, but all the above are also available in 240mm.


I can't speak to steak knives or blocks.


Boulder, CO

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Originally Posted by GumboJones View Post

I would like to stay away from stamped knives, it's more of a personal preferance than anything really. I think it may be negative feedback from all of her terrible knives. lol


The Rosewoods aren't stamped, are they?

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I dont think so, unless I'm looking at the wrong set. This site says they are stamped rather than forged to save money. didnt mention anything about being forged either. If I'm looking at the wrong ones, please send a link. Thanks!





Thanks for the great suggestions! I'll start taking a look. The steak knives aren't too critical. I just figured since I'm replacing all the other knives I might as well get a decent set of steak knives as well. Her's have seen better days. 



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