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Sweet Black Olives and Goats Cheese

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Hello, I would like to know if anyone here knows how to do (or where to buy) sweet black olives and also a good recipe of goat`s cheese ice cream.



many thanks

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I think that the term sweet olive is comparable to sweet corn, it just means good to eat.  So any olive in the market would be a sweet olive if that is correct.


As far as the goat cheese ice-cream, first choose what kind of goat cheese you want to use - there will be a huge difference between fresh cream, brie, or aged blue...  Melt the cheese into milk, almond milk, or goat's milk, add egg yolk and sugar blanchir, garnish however you like with nuts, fruit, candied lavender and thyme blossoms etc., and put it in the ice cream machine.  Basically a goat cheese mornay with a bit of sugar minus the flour.  For any custard ice cream, commonly the milk will be simmered with vanilla, zest, hard herbs etc, and let infuse in fridge overnight before finishing into ice-cream.  All you have to pay attention to is the amount of fat.  A common custard ratio is 1 part yolks (fat), 1 part sugar, and 2 parts milk.  The goat cheese is also fat, and aged cheese has more fat than fresh cheese, so take that into consideration when making the custard.



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Many thanks for the explanation, I`ll try.


About the olives... no.. I did a research it`s about an olive confit with sugar, yes, sugar. I found it on sunfood website in 2007, it`s not there anymore, now I see a french-brazilian chef using it with potato pureé and cod fish. Seems nice.

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