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yep. strop with stones. dry.



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Hey Luis,
perhaps it's a good idea to try another approach. Don't use your rod anymore, and perform a daily touch up @3-5k, it's just about a few edge trailing strokes probably and verifying for burrs. Normal sharpening after five days. Such a routine should allow you to benefit from the much higher degree of sharpness a carbon blade can offer over a common stainless one.

Hi Ben!


Thanks for the advice, I  saw a video from Jon Broida on the subject, is more a lecture than a descriptive video but the advice is great and it may be a solution. Actually, right now I'm going to do that and see how it works.

Good point and thanks for sharing your input.


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How did this turn out for you? I have the same knife in 240 mm (close to 4 years old now), but haven't experienced your edge retention issue. 

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Luis knows how to sharpen.  His problem, if not unique, is extremely rare.  I've got some time in with HCs and never experienced it; nor have I ever heard anyone complain of anything similar.  The HC series takes great edges very easily. 


So... it's really puzzling.


What comes to mind is that his particular knife may not have been properly heat treated, because the alloy in his particular knife acts a lot tougher and a lot less strong than it should.  But I'd want to eliminate other things before raising idle speculation to poorly-informed opinion.


If you put money in my hand and a gun to my head I'd bet on it NOT being Luis, and even though Masamoto is Masamoto is Masamoto, crap happens.


I know Mark suggested Luis return it, but Luis's circumstances made that difficult for him and he didn't avail himself of the opportunity.  Seems like one of those things for which there's no good answer.


Too bad,


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