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carrot cake cupcake question

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 Im trying to figure the best way to use carrot cake jelly in a cupcake recipe, like if I add it to the batter,how do I adjust what I add so that it doesnt come out too soupy? its got bits of fruit in it, but no nuts, so Im guessing I should add those to the batter. Main thing is I want to use this jelly. Otherwise I know its gonna just sit around. so should I put some inside the cupcakes?  just want some ideas thrown my way. I would prefer to just put it in the batter but Im clueless as to what adjustments to make.

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Jelly Donuts?

You could use the jelly inside as well as outside as a glaze?

that's my 5¢

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Are you attached to the cupcake idea? Filling would be your best bet. Mixing some into whipped cream cheese would be tasty and stiff enough to pipe.


If not, why not do an easy trifle? Cake layered with the loosened jelly and sweetened cream cheese that has been lightened with whipped cream.


If baking the jelly in a batter, the ingredients (sugar, corn syrup, whatever else happens to be in it) would throw off the ratios and not really make a true carrot cupcake anyway. Not worth potentially losing ingredients for even the most hoped for outcome, IMO.

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