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My Christmas tree, finally

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Today I changed all the light on the Christmas tree to LED lights.  Much whiter and brighter  but a lot less use of energy.










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Wow... I don't do any Christmas decs until the first Sunday of Adventbwhen I put Scandinavian style advent arches on the window ledges of each window. The tree isn't bought and decorated until a week before Christmas Day. I do all my major baking, puds, cakes, black bun on Stir Up Sunday. All decs removed on twelfth night.
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I put mine up early,  that way I can focus on baking and planning my party and plenty of time to enjoy looking at my tree..





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Good for you. But the couple of weeks I do decs is more than enough! Perhaps it's a British thing... We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so keep to traditional dates.
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