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student in california

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Hello everyone, im 24 yr old, ive spent the last 6 months as a student working towards achieving my chef cert .I reacently got back into the industry after a four year break. Growing up i would often volunteer with my grandfather, catering small events (50-200)  for local non profit orgsnizations and events for weddings,car clubs,birthdays....ETC. I,ve been raised in a small town with not many opportunities to work.My short term goal is to relocate temporary and further my expierence as a line/prep cook while exploring the culinary world.

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk
I think that you'll find loads of help achieving your goal
The membership is vast, from Master Chef to Home Cooks such as myself
Please feel free to PM one of us Mods should you have questions
It's all about the food
Once again welcome and hope to see you here often
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