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My husband brought home some sofrito made by a coworkers grandma...and it smelled like garlic and had a pleasant flavor, not too strong or overbearing.  Well, I looked online for the recipe, and found one that "looked' like what he brought home.  I'll list the ingredients and what I actually used...but end result was a fluid that was very bitter and has a very strong cilantro taste.  I spent 2.5 hrs making this and don't want to trash it....but I don't know how to fix it.  Here is what I went by:  website for the recipe


2 peppers                              i used 2 green peppers

1 sweet peppers                   i used 2 sweet peppers, one yellow, one orange

2 lg tomatos                         i used 3 med vine tomatos

2 med onions                      i used 1 vidalia onion

1 head garlic                       i used 1 head

1 bunch cilantro                  how big is a bunch?  i used one, but not sure if it was one or two wrapped together

1/2 bunch parsley              i used curly parsley, probably 3/4 bunch


cut/blend all.....from reading the forum from 2007, some people were cooking the onions and peppers first.


So, is there a way to salvage this mess?  How do you cut the strong cilantro taste and the bitterness?