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Commercial Kitchen for rent ORANGE COUNTY California

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We are going to open new kitchen For Rent in Orange County in December

The kitchen will be fully equpped and we will have very reasonable prices

Just wondering if someone is looking for kitchen for rent by the hour or day in Orange County,CA?

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Yes I'm interested in renting a kitchen.  I'm curious about the cost and location. I would appreciate a reply.


Thank you

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Hi I am very interested in renting kitchen space!!! I can definitely share space because I will only need to spend limited time in the kitchen. Hope to hear back soon. smile.gif

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I'm interested in renting 4 hours a day starting in February.  Please email me the price information.

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Hello. I'm interested starting in February 2013. Let me know your rates please, as well as the equipment that will be available.  Please PM me.

Thanks and happy holidays.

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I would like to get some information about renting your kitchen

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In 2013 I will be looking for a commercial kitchen in the Orange County area.

Please send me information where your facility is located. Include all costs, details.  I will need

a refrigerator and  freezer space.



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I am in of a kitchen near my job in the City of Orange, or in Orange County in general. Please let me know your rates and weekly availability.


Thank You,


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I would be interested in using your kitchen starting in March for a few hours on Thursday or Friday.  Where is your kitchen located and what are your rates?  THANK YOU

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I'm very interested. Please email information including pricing and availability. Thank you.

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Yes I am interested, where are you located? rates, etc..

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Yes I am interested. Where is the kitchen located?

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What are your rates, where are you located? I like to use different kitchens that are close to my events, i use Cookithere.com to find kitchens are you listed on there? Or can you send me your address/website?

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Hi! Yes, we would be interseted in renting your kitchen. What would the hourly or daily rate be? I look forward to hearing from you.




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Hi my name is Lorena and I have a small catering business. Is there a number I could reach you ?
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Please let me know on the availability and price.  Where are you located?



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I'm interested in renting your space. I'd like to know your rates, whether you provide storage, and your location among any other relevant info. Please get back to me soon ! :)

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Please contact me at your convenience for additional information.  I need approx 12-15 hrs per week, evenings ideal.  Established business with insurance, all required servsafe certifications, etc.

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I am interested in renting a commercial kitchen, or part of a commercial kitchen, by the hour and/or day.  My company, Chocolate Bar-B-Que, does heavy prep for our on-site cooking events in a commercial kitchen.  We also are looking for a baking section of a commercial kitchen to rent for our Dessert Division.


After-event clean-up is something we prefer to do in a commercial kitchen as well, including sanitation of equipment, and, wrapping.  All storage of equipment is off-site, unless the commercial kitchen has lockers available.


I look forward to hearing from you.



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hi I have a great kitchen over 4000 sq ft. My rates are the best availble and not to mention the nicest commercial kitchenin the area.

They are flexible and range from 20-30 dollars an hour.

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Can you send me info about your kitchen, location, rates,  website, cold storage?, hours avail. requirements, etc



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I would like to receive information regarding rental rates and what is included.  Please send me a phone number so I can contact you and discuss.  Thanks, Wayne Smith

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Please send me information and phone number.  send me a PM  Thanks, Wayne Smith

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We are interested. What is your contact info? Thanks in advance!

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Commercial kitchen for rent in OC - 405/5 Spectrum area.
$30 hour minimum of 50 hours month.

Great for food production, food beverage packaging, food photography, or food jobber for your product.

Modern 8700' facility with warehouse , roll up doors, 200' freezer, 800' walkin refrigeration.

Please PM for information
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Hello, can you please tell me where you are located, your rates, and description of equipment?  It will be interesting to see the space.

Thanks so much!

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Can I visit the premises ? also what is the price for the 50 hours?

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Also check out The Hood Kitchen in OC!

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Hi! I am looking to rent a commercial kitchen 2 days a week: Tuesday & Thursday for approximately 13-14 hours per week.  Please let me know if this is an option.  I will be making chocolates.

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Hello, what are the terms of your Kitchen rental. Looking at 3 to 4 hrs per day from 12-4pm. Also where are you located



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