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Hey everyone.


I tried to post this in the marketplace, but I do not have enough posts to do so. I figured this would be the next best place to start this thread...


I recently lost 100 lbs and I'm moving soon so am in the process of purging all of my clothing that no longer fits. Although I am not a professional chef, I was given a Dickies size 54 chef jacket and I'm looking for a new home for it. It was literally worn once (and I didn't even cook in it because I didn't want to stain it... I merely got drunk in it)


The cost is free due to the recent Hurricane Sandy events and it is the holidays; therefore I hope the person who grabs this really needs it.


Due to the free price tag, I do not want to mail it and am willing to drive a little to meet, but nothing crazy.


Pick up is in 11779. If you live on or around Long Island, perhaps we can make something work...