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Mac bread knife.

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Hi guys...


Got a Mac bread knife a month ago, and after this month of heavy use I can say that it's a great knife. So far the best bread knife that I've ever owned.


At first I tought that it was too much money for a bread knife, I'm used to Forchners and I don't complain about them, and whenever they get dull, I just buy a new one since they are affordable pieces. But now that I got into this "Knife freak" hobby, I wanted to have a cool one.


In my city, we're very proud of a sourdough bread named "Birote", it's a very crusty (And absolutely delightful) loaf. I got several dozens every day, just coming out of the oven and since they are that crusty and by the time that I slice it is still warm, I need a good knife (And good technique) to cut it without crushing it and making a big mess with the crumbles.


So... I got it. My first impression was good, Mac knives come in a very nice box that gives a very positive first impression. When I opened the box, I got surprised... It's a bread knife with a belly. I'm used to straight blades for bread. So, it was intriguing at first, but on my first cut on the bread, I couldn't stop smiling... It feels great.


Also, the serrations are kinda rounded, no acuteness on the teeth, I wasn't sure at first, but when I felt it passing thru the crispy crust without making a mess, I felt like I had a winner in my hands.


Fit and finish... Just like with any other Mac. Very good.


Ok... Pics worth more than words on some cases, so, here it goes


Best regards.














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i just hope that these mac bread knives are lefty friendly as they say they are.
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Posted by FranzB69 View Post

i just hope that these mac bread knives are lefty friendly as they say they are.

I have one.  They are.



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thanks for the reply BDL. good to hear. time to save up for one and get the one from the seconds shop. lol.
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I love my Mac bread knife sis stole my first and my mom just stole my second one. I need to start hiding it.
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