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i stumbled on this website when i was trying to get answers to:

should i precook my homemade pasta before assembling it in a lasagna?


i think i've found my answer.


i'm a cooking enthusiast and love to entertain...and i love to cook with wine.  sometimes i even put it in the food!!!


i hope to get lots of good information from the professionals here.

bon appetite!

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Hi winekelly! Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm a home cook, too. I've been part of this community for a long time and have become a much, much better cook because of what I've learned here and the people I've met here- some in person. You can't beat Chef Talk as a friendly place to ask questions of professionals and home cooks from all over the world. 


Besides the discussion forums, don't miss the excellent cooking articles, photo galleries, reviews and other resources here. The forums go back well over a decade, so they're a rich resource, too. Just be aware of the dates on the threads if you're tempted to reply, as some of the discussions might have had their last posts a while ago. You can use the search tool to help you dig up any topic of interest. You're welcome to read all you like in the professionals's forums, but we home cooks must think of them as "read only". The general forums are for our posts, though, and the professionals hang out there as well, so experts answer questions we post there.


If you have any questions about the site please ask any of the moderators or admins. We're happy to help!


Besides wine, what are your culinary interests? Are there dishes you especially like to make, or something you'd like to be able to master some day?


Welcome! We hope to see you often.



Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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ahh yes...the code of conduct.

i will respect the "read only" in that area.  pretty much sure i wouldn't have posted there anyway, but it's nice to know the "rules of the road" before i put the car in "drive".


i'm looking forward to reading and learning from others.

i don't know if there's any ONE thing i really focus on, but i like trying new recipes...especially mixing flavors that you normally wouldn't think would taste well together.

i'm also interested in food pairings with wine.  i host lots of wine tasting parties (10-12 people) and i'm always looking for small tastings that really bring out the different flavor of a particular wine.


thank you for your warm welcome, Mezzaluna

(i see you are a WI resident.....i visit the madison area a few times a year and every time i'm there i always go cheese shopping!)

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