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Red Cocoa Butter powder

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Does anyone know what is Red Cocoa Butter Powder or rather where to buy? I am 

going to bake Raspberry Mousse cake and this powder would be used to sprinkle 

the wold cake. 


Any help is warmly appreciated, 


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I dont think I have ever heard of colored cocoa butter powder. For use in chocolates, you normally find a colored cocoa butter already mixed and tempered, an oil based colorant, or a fat soluble powdered color that will be mixed with cocoa butter. For something to sprinkle on a cake, I would look at more of a edible sparkle/glitter type product. carries a edible glitter that is in a flake form, which can be crushed as much as you want for something finer.

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Hi Mina,


Thanks for sharing ur expertise with me. Actually, why I said so is because it was shown in the profile pic which I've just changed but it didn't say what is it that is covering the outer layer of the cake. It seems like a red powder but inside the book which I've gotten this pic from and seems that the name for this is red cocoa butter powder. Do u know what's that, Mina?



Chin Mei

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Red cocoa butter powder is red powder colorant that needs to be added to cocoa butter (to to desired color) bring mixture to 31C - then it's tempered.
Powder is "old school." We used it all the time before Chef Rubber was a company. That's how chocolate colors came...powder form.

If you just want a sprinkle of red on a cake you have other options:

Sprinkle raspberry dehydrated/pulverized powder (Albert uster....brilliant red & adds flavor)

Clear Gel + red coloring or purée. Dot or drizzle. It remains wet/glossy and appealing.
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