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Cake box hat boxes

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First let me say I am so grteful to of found this site. I am a baker , cook , owned a tea room & catering,. I have now started my company from home ( Simply Bundts ) long story , however because my husband of 37 years was diagnoised with Cancer 8 months ago I am staying close to home! I am searching for Cake box / Hat box containers. Something far more Classy than the clear dome containers I am now using. Has anyone ever seen or purchased tese wholesale? Thank You & many blessings to you and yours!!



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I use them for my cakes when I give them as gifts.  I love those boxes.  They look so pretty esp. when they have that Victorian design.  I usually buy them in a nesting set.  I buy them where I see them.  I have bought them from Michaels, TJ Maxx,  Home Goods and Joan Fabrics.

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