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So I need some help here with cut up vegetables.I need to practice more knife skills but im at a halt with what to do with the cut up vegetables.For instance mirepoix....if I have so many pounds of it cut up in different sizes,should I just male vegetable stock?With that being said,the cuts have to be similar to get equal extraction from the mirepoix....hmmmm



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Once you have practiced your cuts, throw them all in the food processor, then make stock or soup.

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Basically when your cooking off anything you want to keep everything generally the same size. Something like mirepoix cooks evenly. Which makes things easy. One thing your going to have to watch when you start constructing dishes from your mirepoix is that your not adding things at the same time that a) take longer to cook or b) take a shorter time to cook. (Example a 1/4 inch diced carrot will take a lot longer to cook then say a 1/4 inch diced eggplant) take time to expariment in small batches to ensure your not wasting your product and to get a good feel of how long things take to cook. I hope this helps.

Have fun.
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mmm thank you chefwriter,never thought about the food processor.Having that said,since the vegetables are going to in a minced form,at which point would i be adding the vegetables to the stock....the last 30 minutes of cooking??

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Yes, the last thirty minutes or so should do it. Watch your results and change accordingly. Or process them, sweat them in a pan, add butter and a little wine and cream and perhaps an egg or two and call it vegetable custard, quiche, side dish, etc. Or mix them into the cat or dog food. Or put them raw into a juicer. Or bake them in the oven after processing separately and dry them to make veggie powders. Or pickle them as they are. That's a great tv snack. 

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Chefwriter gave some really good ideas. You should try making some relish to.
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