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Greetings from Derbados

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Hi everyone, I'm Jack.


I have a confession. There's no such place (to my knowledge) as Derbados. it's a portmanteau of "Derby" and "Barbados" - Derby, a city in England where I actually live, "Barbados" being what I used to try and make it sound more exciting.


I've decided to sign up to this forum because I really love both cooking and conversation. Whilst I've always been an expert at the latter, the former was something I was a late bloomer on, having been waited on hand and foot by mother growing up. Fast forward 7 years since leaving home, and I'm the one who takes responsibility in our house for feeding the Wife and Kids.


I really enjoy cooking. I like food, I like making a mess and I like praise. However, there are significant gaps in my knowledge, and I'm hoping that the discussions round these here parts will mean I can educate myself and develop the confidence to Get Better At Cooking, and therefore Get Better At Eating.


So, yes. Hi.

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Aloha, Welcome Jack.

My first thought when I say the header on this thread was,

WHAT? Where is that?  Thank you for clearing that one up for us straight away.

Myself, I am a Home Expert as well and I am so glad that I found Chef Talk.

I have learned much more than I ever could have on my own, though I have been cooking for the better part of my time on this Earth.

Take a lookey-loo around the joint and if you have questions in regards to the site, please private message one of us Mods for help.  A note on the forums, if you hadn't read the 'stickys' on each, the three Pro forays are just that.  For you and me, we're asked to read only there.  I also want to give you fair warning, since joining CT a little more than a year ago, myself and DH have gained a few pounds from my experimenting with food  smiles.gif

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For those who might be confused Derby is pronounced dARby un the UK!

Welcome from a native of Edinburgh!
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Oh yeah! Yeah, its much funnier when you pronounce it like its actually pronounced.


Anyway, thanks to both for your kind welcome. I'm off to throw my tuppence in to culinary conversations waaaay over my head. How fun for me.



Less so for you.

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Good morning from Scouseland, Ferrrrrrrrrrrrry cross the Murky

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Hey, Kippers, is it still murky or have they cleaned it up?
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its pretty clean compared to 30 yrs ago, the sightings of Mersy Mackerel are down to single figures.

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i suspect I know what those mersey macks really are!
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I trust you are not confusing the Mersey Mackerel with the Thames Trout.

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hi jack, also a warm welcome from netherlands :) **waves**

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