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chocolate covered cherries

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The DH's most fave candy of all time.

I want to make him some for a surprise but am not the world's leading authority on candy making.

This is what I WANT...really great cherries w/ stems still attached for dipping (would candied cherries be too-too much)?

Every candy fondant recipe I look at is different... what's up with that?

Have almost a whole bottle of Chambord on hand...would this add or distract ( do I need to invest in a bottle of cherry liqueur? what brand ?)

He loves dark chocolate and I pretty much have the whole procedure in muscle memory, but can you think of something I am missing?



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Chambord might taste good, but if he really likes chocolate covered cherries, you might want to make something a little closer to the classic version.  I have soaked my cherries in brandy before dipping and they were yummy.

Since the fondant is going to dissolve a bit with the cherry juice, just pick an easy method.  It is mostly sugar anyways.  And don't forget the extra chocolate on the bottom or your cherries will spring leaks as they develop.

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Check, check and check.

Have brandy on hand and he really, really likes boozy fruit so that can be done.

If I dip, let harden (refridge or no?) then dip again will that take care of the potiential leaks?

Thanks, Jelly!



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Too lazy for a Spec's run, so soaked about a dozen in the Chambord for a few days and WOWZA!

Still tasted like cherry, just had a nice, lingering boozy effect.

Just finished the "dip" and having trouble not taste testing, NOW!

Will be a couple of weeks before the juice dissolves the fondant.

On the fondant...used a recipe that had a bit of condensed milk along with the butter (used salted to cut out any cloying sweetness).

Did taste that and this is another reason I can hardly wait to eat one!

Anyway, thanks again for the tips, Jellly!



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