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Welsh guy and culinary student in Portland Oregon.

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Hey all,


so I am a mature student with history in Culinary tourism, culinary culture and in how food can be used for health benefits as well as for enjoyment.


I am keen on students maximising their learning opportunities both within the school environment and at external events.


If there is an area to discuss this more in future please let me know the best place to discuss this.


glad to have found you guys,


cheers all,

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"Culinary tourism".  I'm intrigued.  What kind of things would you set up with that?  I travel/cook for a living and I love to find local markets in foreign countries and cook stuff I've never seen before.



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thank you for your response,


Culinary Tourism, to coin a phrase, every traveler eats and drinks at least once a day where they may visit a beach, cinema or museum daily.

There is a mindfulness of a traveler returning home and "telling a story" usually about the weather and yes food. The best way for anyone to start to understand a culture is via its cuisine. Of course I am not talking about chains but about the unique and memorable aspects of a destination. Bear in mind if we travel the other side of a city to visit a new eatery, story or market that that too is culinary tourism.


I have taken the liberty of including a website you may find interesting.


The CEO of The World Food and Travel Association is called Erik Wolf, he wrote the first ever white paper on culinary tourism. He also welcomes conversation from anyone interested in the association. The association is free to join.


also one of a conference being held here in Portland OR in January which will be discussing the future of food- foods, beverages, hospitality, food production, its distribution and of course its consumption and I am sure that will not be all to be discussed.


I personally feel any person who provides food/beverages to the public would benefit from a broader knowledge base of their custom. I also feel that Culinary [or food] tourism is not a high end label but a term that can be applied to any person who is interested in food and beverages of all forms and aspects, culinary classes, specialist stores markets etc.

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