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Hello from Ontario

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Hey Everyone.

I'm pretty bad at introductions. Never been my thing. I guess this is where I tell you about myself.

I'm in mid-twenties I'm chef of a 24 seat casual fine dining restaurant. Been working in the field now for 11 years. Started from the bottom. I have never had any formal training from a school. Got a little bit of free time so I thought I'd sign up. What's the worst that can happen I learn something new and meet a few people?


"To be a good chef you just have to do the little things well."
Marco Pierre White
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Aloha, Welcome Arugula to Chef Talk.

It looks like you’ve been around CT for a bit and probably know the drill.  Wow, you’re only twenty-something and you own your place?  That is fantastic!  That must have taken great courage and determination.  I’m sure that all of us would love to hear more!

I hope that you will participate in the general forums, so that folks like me would be able interact with another Chef.  I look forward to seeing some pics of your work, I love casual fine dining.  I really enjoy good food, but I don’t necessarily want to get all gussied up.  Maybe that’s why I cook to begin with.  Should you have any questions in regards to the site, please PM one of us Mods or an Admin person, I’m sure you’ve already gotten familiar with some of our names.  I hope to see you often, ENJOY!

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Hello Kane,

Thanks for the warm welcome. Ya that really is the beauty of casual fine dinning! I'll try and up load some pics of some of my dishes soon I have been so busy lately working open to close being the slow season is fast approaching.

Talk to you soon!
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