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Which Series of MAC for home

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Hi all. First off, I'm not a professional chef, just an at home mom who loves gourmet cooking. I have owned Global and love them, but our home was burglerized a year ago and they took ALL my knives from my magnetized knife holder. Guess someone knew what they were :/. Anyway, I'm looking to invest in good knives again. I loved my Globals but can't really afford their price tag at this time although I will buy one piece at a time if I have to. I was looking at the MAC site and saw the different series. My question is, which series would you recommend for a non professional that still wants good quality knives? 


Also I'm not set on either MAC or Global, so if there is a better priced brand with the same quality, I'm all for it. I understand there's no set opinion for a "best knife maker" but I'd like help in brands to stay away from (ie, I hate Pampered Chef's knives and IMO they are bad quality for the high price) and what brand to start looking at. Thanks for your help :)



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There are so many different contingencies...


Let's start with some simple questions to find out how you think about knives, then we can get into some specifics about what might suit you best.

  • How much money are you willing to spend on knives?
  • Which knives do you absolutely need?
  • Are their other knives you think you might want?
  • Do you want a "set," with all knives made by the same maker and from the same line?  Or,
  • Are you willing to buy a "mix and match" collection of "separates?"


Knives are all about sharpening, there's no sense spending a lot of money on knives which will become dull in a few months then stay dull for years.  As a wise man of my acquaintance (well, not that wise... me) frequently observes, "Any dull knife is a dull knife."  So:

  • How do you sharpen now?  Or, perhaps a better question would be, "How did you sharpen and maintain your Globals?
  • How much time and trouble are you willing to go through to sharpen?
  • How much are you willing to spend on sharpening?



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