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Hi all!


I would really appreciate some brain food about how I should get about doing this.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of shops selling fish & seafood all over 'Oz'.  How should I be different?  As consumers, what would you look for in a fish shop?  Someone said put large mirrors everywhere so that all people see would be fish & their mugs!!  Please send me a few good ideas & tell me what not to do.


Anyway watch this space for what's happening with my gem of an idea.  OK  see you folks later.  I am going to get my rod..........





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A couple of questions.

When you say "Oz" you are talking about the location you want to open your shop. Yes? 

If there are so many already, why open yet another? 

You are talking about a fresh fish and seafood supply store, not a seafood restaurant?

Anyway, I would guess the obvious applies-really fresh fish, variety and good prices. I don't know what mirrors would do. 

Visit some of the lesser stores and see what you don't want to do.

Visit the best shops to see what you should emulate. 

If there are lots of shops, I would guess a better location for yours would be pretty important. 

Personally I like my local Asian market. The fish is mostly whole fish, laid out on ice for easy inspection, they have six levels of cutting the fish for you and they have everything that floats, crawls or swims in water. 

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There are so many fresh fish shops in Australia - most of which have exceptionally good fish.

i think you need to check out any local competition.
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