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Help with getting started

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I've always wanted to become a chef but I cant seem to find a job because they all require some sort of experience (which is something I dont have). 

What do I do? 

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jus keep at it, i often hire people with zero experience , but the willingness to learn and work HARD... , you jus need to find some1 willing to teach and take a chance, we are out there. I took a local homeless kid under my wing last year and gave him a job, with ZERO kitchen eperience, and today he is one of my best line cooks, worked from dish to pantry to broil now on saute and occasionally he is running the board in a pinch if we need him to. He simply has a great work ethic and a passion....

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You will probably have to start working low. I applied for a job and basically said 'hey I'd like to help with the cooking but I'll take whatever' The owner put me on dishes and when opportunities rose I got to help out the cooks during slow moments or at times when the prep cooks needed to get their job done because they were getting too many hours. As time passed I worked hard and the management and cooks started to respect me, and I had line cooks requesting to the management that I be put on the line or be put on prep, and when they were in a pinch they called me over to help make pizzas or cut things for them or whatever they needed help with (to the point there was a day I ran a station during a rush by myself and I wasn't actually a cook) Management realized I was working hard and because I was up front with them that I'd like to cook but would be willing to do the dirty work first (washing dishes is tough) they respected me, and were planning on promoting me.
Unfortunately I had to move about the exact time they were going to put me on the line or make me a prep cook, so that's that

But my best advice is go into a restaurant tell them you want to cook but you don't have experience and you'd be willing to start on a lesser job (dishwasher bus boy whatever) and if the opportunity arises be slowly integrated into cooking, and then once you get your foot in the door don't take it out keep pushing and work your butt off it may be a while but you'll get it

I wish you luck!
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thanks :] 

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