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pommes souffle

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I managed to anger a sous chef by serving square pomme soufle (i didn't know but) "what the f is this s***" anywho we need 300 for canapes for Wednesday, so he is making me make 600.

I'm going to work in 4 hours for a 20hour shift, so if anyone can offer advice for making them, is appreciate it.

commis Chris
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you the chef or the prep cook?

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souffle potatoes, thin puffy french fries. only see them on occasion in new orleans.
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OMG good luck. I make Pomme Souffle a few times a year at work.


I don't understand about the "square" comment.

When researching Pomme Souffle I found that the shape is immaterial.

The age and starch content of the potato is much more important.

You can't make them from just any potato.

Russets are best. I store them in the root cellar up in the rafters for a few months before I use them for Souffles.

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